Monday, January 28, 2008

Still on Hiatus but LOOK AT MY NEW MASTHEAD!

So I must give a HUGE thank you to Martha of She made my awesome new mast head and is it not the COOLEST?!! ME LOVES IT. Totally makes me smith.

Gosh do I miss CRAFTING. *screams* I can not WAIT until this is done.

WIth that being said ... I need to go back to hiatus - thanks for all the goodlucks, prayers, appendages crossed - I SO NEED THEM and PLEASE keep em coming! This is only the first of four! WOOT!

HUGS ALL! Nan and Aine


Manda Girl said...

Love the masthead!!!!

Peg Graham said...

LOVE it!!!

Nevis said...

Great looking masthead! Seems a lot like scrapbooking!

michael said...

excellent! Love it. ribbon will make it look better, something like grosgrain ribbon with texture on it.

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