Wednesday, January 16, 2008

on hiatus

Unfortunately, I must put myself on a crafty and net hiatus. THIS IS VERY HARD TO DO FOR ME, but I have to if I am going to pass this very important test.

I must BUCKLEDOWN (sorry it is my mantra now) so that I can pass my CPM exams which happens in a few weeks. That is module 1 - I have to take 3 more so the next two months or so will be crazy busy with studying. I am putting myself on a schedule and I have packed away all my crafty goodies until I pass this THANG.

So I will continue with all my stuff... 365 and atc - but it will be done post passing the test. I will basically take the 365 pics every day but not really post them until I am done if that makes sense? Seriously post exam will their be blizzards and craftyness! I might just have to put myself on a crafty vacation. lol.

So please send good karma my way so that I dont lose it while studying and that I pass the tests! HUGS ALL and please dont forget about me! *meep*

Nancy and Aine.


kim brimhall said...

sad that you are taking a break...but glad i met you last night!! i had so much fun! and now you can find me too!!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I shall pray for your success.

Nevis said...

*sends good Karma and thoughts your way* (DESPITE the fact that you associate with Ayatollah Mugsy who had the audacity to suggest that Napoleon needed a bib! The gall!)

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