Wednesday, January 2, 2008

yep. I sew and am doing 365

I forgot to post my first EVERRRR (as an adult that is) sewing conception/art/crafty thingy!

After being lampasted (not kidding!)by my sister and mom (only sew SHEETS they said!!) because they thought I would sew my hand shut on my new PRECIOUS sewing machine *SINGER!MARTHA APPROVED!177 stiches! ACK!* I made 9 of the above. All have different names - and I made it to hold a cd of pictures for the San Fran trip that I took with my 7 sisters and Mom. This had to happen because no one could understand Shutterfly!

I have since than have been bugging my friends who are extremely talented with sewing (cough .... and ... cough) to help me with figuring out this very fun craft and bless em! They have been most patient with my numerous questions. Especially of the idiot kind... as in um .... what is THAT?! kind of questions. See when I was a kid - I sewed like CRAZY. I have to take a picture of my first doll... I will do that this weekend... anyways... EVERYONE seems to have forgotten that I sewed in my family. Also much to my anger - they really seem to POO POO it. And I am like SCREW THAT NOISE!Hence, I become more obsessed with sewing and I have even been looking at sites that feature only ribbon and am contemplating how the heck I can get Liberty of London fabric here on my very beer like budget. lol. But seriously though... I am still in a bit of a shock that I don't have to make my own bobbins by hand!

Okay enough of that... one scrappy item that I made at the Archivers 12 Hour crop that I went to the other day is a PUGGY XMAS CARD BOOK. OMG I had to do this year because these cards were just SO CUTE! I mean - seriously - someone drew their CARDS!

and won't put all the layouts in there but here is one many . If you want to see the entire item... please check out my flickr.

Also - I am now doing 365... you know that challenge to take a picy of yourself everyday? So far - I have gotten one of me and one of my work. ...

1/1/08 started the year off right... rearranged my office to be more productive. Did I get any cbt's done? UM NO. DAMNIT. But I was more focused....

1/2/08 my 2 loves... Aine and GOSSIP GIRL!!! ACK! *flails* omg lOVE THAT SHOW. I know it is a bad show but I STILL adore it! Blair is going to have a wee bun in the oven! WOOT!

And yes that is a new hair cut....

Yep if that is not the most pathetic WHY ME Puggy face I don't know what is - goodnight all! I am off to the downtown office tomorrow. *MOAN and says prayers* HUGS! Nan

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Nevis said...

I haven't heard of this "365 photo" contest. What's the deal with it?

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