Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valen-PUG and yes I am still on *cough* Hiatus

Pre Party....

Okay YES I am still on Hiatus. Have I studied this weekend? UMmmmm no. *gerr* YES I know VERY BAD ME. As soon as I get this done - I am off to the books. HONEST.

Before I forget let me send a big shout out to the ladies at CHA and Craft Critique... ! Have fun LADIES!!!

So this weekend has been way to cold. I mean - come on -30 windchill? And we are going to get more snow?! ACK. Seriously - I don't want to go into the office like this!
Now onto the PUGGY GOODNESS. All, please check out the NIPRA site

See? Pugs, cute stuff and my checkbook=me spending LOADS of MONEY. I justify this because it is going to an amazing cause and I just can't adopt another puggy now. I rather it go to a cause like NIPRA because after seeing how they organized this? OMG WAS I IMPRESSED!!! Let me tell ya - I don't know how the folks at NIPRA do it - I couldn't be a foster mom. While I was there this family gave up two of their BEAUTIFUL pugs. It just broke my heart. The pugs were SO SOOOOOO SWEET. I am so happy there are generous people that will let them into their lives - even if it is just for a little bit and than make sure they go to a "forever home" !

Also let me tell ya - the NIPRA silent auction goodies was FABO. I spent *cough* $250 bucks on the following: NIPRA sweatshirt, Vouges Chocolate and Iteligencia tea and coffee - with the craffe and tea pot! *SQUEE* Omg Than this uber cute Pug entry mat, pug salt and pepper(it is going to Aine's 1/2 bros me thinks) and this amazing pug stepping stone! OH and guess what? I was going to win this pug pin and treat jar - but the pin was STOLEN!! Can you believe that? I bought the treat jar anyways because Aine doensn't have one. I know - poor deprived puggy.

Some of the highlights? A little puppy peed on my uggs, believe it or not a wee puggy fight and Aine got to see her old girlfriend - KIYA!!

Hopefully you can see this but here is the Flickr set:

Here are some of the goodies I won in the silent auction...

Check this out Vouges Chocolate comes in a HAT BOX! LOVE IT!

will you LOOK AT THE tea and java press?! *FLAILS* I am such a sucker for presentation and good product

*eeee* isn't it all the CUTE!?!!
OKAY I am OFF to study. Laters all! Keep them fingers crossed for me! Hugs! Nancy and Aine.


Martha Bonneau said...

So sorry I missed out on Valenpug, but we are having an awfully good time here in sunny CA :-)

Nevis said...

I simply adore the puggie doormat.

peg graham said...

Too cute for words!!!

btw...Yes, Yoda would LOVE to be Aine's Valentine...are they supposed to exchange something? I saw a few Valentine Pugs on PV.

Let me know. I know you are busy.

Pug Hugs!

kim brimhall said...

awwww i love the photos. esp the action shot!!! my hubby said you had a conversation:)lol. sorry bout that. he is funny. yes, im moving...found out at cha. but i will be tryin to make the meeting tomorrow. so i can say goodbye. dang that was fast. but ill be in touch. i hope to go to the summer cha!!! so no worries. we'll always have cyberspace;)

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