Thursday, August 16, 2007

update ...opps *insert foot into mouth* is really sad and scary at the same time. Also the shocking

I shouldn't have made fun of it - I am sure it helps people cope with a loss. I should know - 2 years ago I lost my hubby - but at the same time? I dunno if I would have put up a myspace for him. I rather remember the good times.

*shrugs* Bottomline - everyone copes with their own loss their own way.


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Sarah Moore said...

It is sad and scary... but in my opinion an interesting social commentary on "cyberland"... I agree... everyone grieves differently... but don't you think there is an odd feeling of "the dead have internet access" there that is sort of bizarre?

Do you think the afterlife has high speed access or just dial up? (ha!)


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