Wednesday, August 15, 2007

*flails* I am in the land of such talented people!

Just came home from The Chicagoland Crafters Meetup and had a BLAST. I am still on a such an excitement high that I am sure this post will not make sense. I promise to post the pictures tomorrow. My friend Annie had a very fun time too. We now have a goal to make halloween cards together!! Seriously - it is kismet when you meet people that you aspire to be like and on top of that for them to be so nice and helpful - I am just gosh - humbled and still in awe! I mean really you should see the fabulous crafts these ladies make!! I still can't figure out how much some folks do it!!!

Personally I am SO glad Annie came out with me because crafting is SO up her alley. She has Always been - and still is - the most talented out of us three girls that I grew up with.

I just can not stress enought how the Meetup ladies are just so amazingly TALENTED and wonderful ladies. I met *squeee* Martha of Mugsy Boo, Sarah of Sarah and the Stampers and Alex of Peachcakehandmade and so many more amazing people!! I am sure I scared the living day lights out of Martha because I nearly spilled my salad and drink on Bonnie and Martha! Thank God Portillo's sealed the lids tightly. lol

So let me tell ya what I learned!

I learned the following:

  • what the heck a scoring template is and how much I have to constrait just to score something!
  • all pugs think that their humans are their servents. lol
  • how to make a wee paper box - picture to come!
  • FABULOUS places to see in San Fran. 4th street, Japantown and Farout Fabrics here I COMEITH. *thank you SARAH!!*
  • I am being taken to the bank at some scrapbooking stores on the price of adhesives! Ugh so getting the adhesive gun Martha suggested on MugsyBoo
  • must vist HOBBY LOBBY!!!

Some exciting new websites:
  • the northern il pug ruscue
  • pinkisthenewblog
  • -->*snort*

With that - I am off to dream of chipboard binders and stickers! Nighty night you all! HUGS!Nan


alexandra said...

Aww, I had fun too and it was lovely meeting you!

Next time...

Sarah Moore said...

So Nice meeting you too!

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