Monday, August 20, 2007

Lincoln Lincoln... I be thinkin....

... way to MUCH.

So not have I only not even STARTED my sister's Nancy Drew Scrapbook (a girl has to mull over things you know!) but I have already started thinking about my own scrapbook and my dogs scrap book. Is that bad? lol I mean - I have almost made up my mind that I really don't want my 8x8 scrapbooks that I original purchased when I first started this very addictive madness. hmm ebay? *nods*

So I am thinking of doing a "this is me" scrapbook and use funky pictures of my life and my surroundings. I also have to do my wickle puggy - Aine(see below). However - she is being so "serious" as of late. I think it might be I have an "older" camera - ie 2 years old! ButI either have to figure out how to fix the flash (ie make it quicker) or get a new camera that will have a quicker flash!

But this is where my "thinking" gets wayyy to complicated. Isn't kinda "weird" to do your own scrapbook? I mean - I don't have any kids, nor hubby so I am thinking that I might be the best one to DO a book about me, since no one else will. LMAO. And this scrapbook can go in many ways - heck - I can do a phithera of things.

Anywaysss.... thoughts? Because my brain hurts with all this "pondering!" lol. Nan and Aine

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