Saturday, February 21, 2009


Nares that is!
Sad but good news - Aine needs her
Stenotic Nares done. :( That means surgery - which means Nan is worried. However, she is in amazing hands and I am so glad I found this Vet that specializes in Smushy Faced breeds and she owns pugs as well! Also, I think we got caught this at the right time - hopefully no soft palette surgery will be needed. But they won't know until she is under.

I just feel so guilty because I always asked the *regular vet* about her nose, and "all was fine - it is just a pug thing and we have seen worse". So I want to kick myself because I thought all the gurgles and other funny sounds from Aine were just "pug sounds" Well, now I know!

Aine goes in for surgery on March 12 - so please keep her in our prayers so all is okay! Sorry I can't help be a worried pug mom. Right now Aine and I are snuggling and I am going to start a craft for my Etsy SHOP! SQUEE

Hugs Nan and Aine


Cricket said...

ah, poor Aine and poor mommy! I know how worried you must be for your little girl, but I'm sure she will do just fine!!

sending lots of prayers and big hugs for you both!!


Sandra y Coco said...

We will think of you both, everything is going to be alright!

Stella said...

Darling, you'll look fab with a nose job! Hugs, Stella.

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