Wednesday, November 14, 2007

finally a DAY to scrap

ack... I just couldn't take it anymore - I HAD TO SCRAP.

Now again - work has been stressful so I decided - you know? I am going to go to archivers to get some stuff (simply renee -top tier!!) so I was like let's see how it goes. I swear to GOD - when stress I buy at archivers. lol. Anways....

I get home and what am I doing? Not eating my Boston Market - nope - sorting my scrapping! *go ME!*

Omg it was like I was a woman possessed - I HAD to clean up my scrap area. I now have my place all set up to make xmas cards come this Turkey day weekend. Now I just need my Mini Moos! Also have my ATC and Martha Houses all ready to go as well. I have decided that Turkey Day weekend will be SCRAP WEEK END!! I mean - I have to do about 80 cards - and that is not even including my 20+ cards for Pug Village, and I have to get gifts for my secret santas at PV and SIS! Also - let us not forget - I am WAY behind in my gift to Aine's "husband" - Ayatollah Mugsey's new brother Wendell. lol. The gift bag keeps on GROWING. I also have to sort out my gift to my BFF Rach in England. Oh so much to d0 this coming weekend and newxt and I have not even put up xmas decorations/tree!

So what did I do? I did a DREAM journal just for scrapping so that I can not FORGET what I want to scrap. After finishing it - I was to tired to take a picy of it!!! So I owe ya all a picture. It is so cool - I took the Love Elise line of cloud fabric paper, jack and abby frame, 7 gypsies's inspiration sticker and tab, and these UBER cool chipboard letters that I was able to destress! I also used my crop a dile to put a ribbon through the outlet!

*edit* FLURRIES? Did I just hear that on TV?! *gasp* I may just do a fire this weekend! Also Sexy rexy is back on the BEARS? omg! */edit*

I also am getting into this rut of not publishing my pictures - I dunno what is up with that - there is a lot of pictures I have to publish - one of them being Martha Stewart!!

So work - I get to study at work - and that is such a mind shift for me - but I have to do it and I have to a LOT of studying and classes before the new year. I am even thinking I may have to give up my holiday so that I can get all my studying done. UGH. Dunno what to do there - I just know that come Jan 1 my new role will be CRAZY busy and I am behind on all my studying. And studying this year is BIG. So I have loads of stuff to do.... hmmmm hmmmm This actually may be a good thing - ie working on studying while on holiday and just reporting my time so I can get it done. hmmm hmmm must think about this.

With that being said - I have to go! back to hitting the books! Hugs! Nan

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