Friday, November 30, 2007

Paper Doll

My FAVO card store in Chicago just started a blog!
and yes... it is co-owned/managed by MAUDE the cutie putie puggy (and her mothers)! Totally check this place out!!! It ROCKS and if you are a pug lover there are LOADS of pug items *sweee* and Jenifer Murph items too!
Speaking of pugs... will you look at THIS?

These were taken when Aine was sick. I put her on my desk to keep a better eye on her. Now she is better and I AM SICK! lol

Thank you all for the good wishes! Of course she is now used to sitting RIGHT in my lap and hanging out on the desk so she can sleep in her sun spot!!! I took more pictures of her dozing in the sun - but I will have to upload those later. But it is so funny she scratches my leg so she can sit there! lol. And being the parinoid Pug Momma that I am? I told my dog walker to make sure she gets dressed in her coat and doesn't talk to stranger danger doggies on her walks! lol.
So tomorrow I am going the doctors for check ups, than studying, and than off to a sneak peek of The Golden Compass! I know it is crazy to go out tomorrow night -due to the snow/sleep/rain/ice and such - but I have not seen a movie in a bit and I need to do get out as well as finish my xmas cards.
I have sent out my 30 cards to Pug Village and also both of my Secret Santa's for SIS and PV!! WOOT! now I just have to buy 2 more items for my family kris kringle and I am DONE. I just have to finish all my projects and studying! lol.
Also signed up for my first EVER 12 hour crop on the 29th!!! Gosh I feel like wearing jammies to it! lol.
Okay I must get goin! Hugs and have a great weekend!!! Nan and Ms. Aine

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Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Hi Nan,
Thanks for stopping by our blog the other day. Nice to meet you. Hope Aine is feeling better.

Four Pugz

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