Monday, July 28, 2008

*I Wish" randomness

I wish....

..that Ms. Kimmie would get better really soon! *hugs*

....Shaun White 4 Tarket had made women's clothing because Target Spots crack me up and up and up.
and up and up

....this would come out now and that I had the forethought to actually BUY a Wii.

.... I had seen this in person - Regardless, this was the cast and filmmakers’ moment to bask in the affection (or insanity) of its fans. And you could tell they were visible nervous. I would have offered Robert Pattinson a beer if I had one on me. The man has much to live up to since he’s playing the oh so beautiful and graceful Edward Cullen (author Stephenie Meyer’s wording, not mine), and he looked weirded out, jittery and smoking heavily before walking in–or maybe it was just the state of his hair giving off that vibe since it appeared styled by lighting firecrackers on his head. Who knows?

...I wish I could go to sleep! I have a long day/week tomorrow.

I hope all your wishes come true! Love Nan


Sasha said...

Love your header and reading your bloggie..

love the header .. and I wish there were more time in this day, cuz I have too much stuff to do hee hee

Nevis said...

OMG...I cannot wait to see this movie.

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