Sunday, July 20, 2008

SISter Filled weekend

It went by way to fast - and I still have to do my ATC's! *hides*

But I really had an amazing weekend. I had dinner with some amazing SISters on Friday. Saturday I went shopping with some Canadian SISters and than on Sunday I had the good fortune of meeting an amazing Fashionista - Claudine Hellmuth and exploring her new product. I am SO excited about this product - I want it all! Is it fun fun FUN. I am a sucker for paint - I don't know why - maybe because it relaxes me SO. But seriously this Sticky Canvas? SO MUCH FUN!!
*squee* I can't wait!

Speaking of things that I can't wait for... here are some of my favorite Twilight inspired Flair...
LOL - The Flair speaks the TRUTH! LOL. Also here is screencap from the latest trailer - seriously LOVE the uni's - It sooooo reminds me of my CUBBIES old Uni's! YEA! I think Stephanie Meyer and/or Catherine Hardwicke are Cub FANS! Yahoooo!

*sigh* Okay I think I should go to beddy - big day tomorrow at work.
HUGS ALL! Nan and zzz Aine.


claudine hellmuth said...

hey there! thanks for the shout out for my new product line! So thrilled you like it!

Kent said...

Ok - now that i see this other pic of Edward and Bella that is WAY more believable than the EW cover which I can't stand!!

(Oh yes - hello there just crashing your blog from SIS)

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