Wednesday, September 26, 2007

little puggy witch and ghosty

before transformation

hungry ghosty!
hoody ghosty

puggy witch

Stinking CUTE or WHAT

ack - scrap me! it YELLS!

I just know this is all BEGGING to be scrapped. I already have thepaper. woot!
Btw - here are two additional pug albums!
and I have a flickr account (gracieandbuddy) but for some reason I cant get a link. gerr


Martha Bonneau said...

Oh my goodness...if that isn't the cutest the ghosty pics :)

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

lol thankies! Ya - I didnt realize she was a ghosty until AFTER i took the picture.

Will you just look at that shutter speed? Bless the Nikon GODS!

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