Friday, September 21, 2007

I am an electronics gadget ho.

Is this NOT the CUTEST Aine PHOTO EVER ! bless those nikon gods. As you can see, I caved and bought a new camera. Which was REALLY bad because it consumed my whole day.

I got an amazing deal on a 6 mgz SLR d40. Sorry I just couldn't justify spending more money on additional mgz. for the d40x. Hey! If I had LOADS of money? Sure thing - but goodness even with the deal - the whole package was expensive and I have yet to get my zoom lens! I got a case that I am debating about, the photoshop essentials(which I will be returning because the camera came with a RAW to JPEG converter software) , the memory, and the insurance if you drop it(yes I know ! I KNOW! But the warranty doesnt cover if you drop it) it still came to a lot of dough. I also still cant get over that I dont have a "movie button" - so not used to this yet. But let me tell ya the shutter is AMAZINGly Fast. what ya think?

On a very sad note, I had a team mate of mine die of a massive stroke at a client engagement. Is that not sad or what? He was 44. Note, this guy was from Scotland and the engagement was in South Africa, luckily they flew his partner out but still.... My company is picking up the tab to transport the coffin. Seriously wouldnt want to see that invoice. I just know transfering a body from Europe to the USA is at least 6K - can you imagine it from South Africa? *shudder*
ACK must go to bed! Hugs all Nan and AINE


Martha Bonneau said...

Yay!!!! So excited you broke down and got the new camera, you won't regret it, the fab puggy pics you will be taking will make it worth every penny you spent!

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

aww shucks THANKS. I returned the camera case and got a camera case that is a messenger bag!! Also I returned the Photoshop essentials because all is good on the RAW to JPEG conversion.

But I just cant get over how detailed the pictures are!

Hugs! Nan

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