Sunday, September 16, 2007


You know you have it pretty bad when your hobby takes priority over your puggy. I had a wonderful invite to The Pug Party in Chicago and Pug Fest in Loves Park. I unfortunately blew them off to my new addiction:PAPER CRAFTING. Also, in less than 2 weeks I had finish my bff's mini album. OF course all of this would have been REALLY easy if I could find my other friend who held the pictures! gerr... Anyways, let us continue with the ODE TO 6 Hours of GLORIOUS Papercrafting.....

*hangs head in shame*

Swear to God in heaven, when it comes to a "need" and a cheap price - I am so at that store. Than when it comes to all bets are off.

I now am the proud owner of a paint can with a fiskers apron that can hold LOADS of stuff and has tons of pockets and did we say PORTABLE? YES INDEEDY.

Also I now am a proud owner of the following used items: xyron,buttons, ribbon, STAMPS GALORE, mini album and the Love, Elise 52 Challenges book!! (Sidenote here on the Love, Elise book... OKAY the love stuff is kinda gag me with a pitchfork feeling - however, I hate making fun of it because I think it is so sad when any relationship breaks up... anyways). I will say this book is tres fun. I can actually learn how to make BUTTONS. WOOT.

I bought so much stuff for a RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP. These six hours at three different stores(archivers and Micheals too) just made my new hobby all the more reasonable to me. During the 6 hours... I because a Stamper. I am now hotly - no pun intended -looking for a heater/embosser to emboss my xmas cards and trying to figure out exactly WHAT image I want to do for my xmas cards. But omg that embosser thingy looks SO DANG COOL.

However, I have to finish the halloween cards first!!

As you can see - I have only made it one card and I am not even DONE! And you can't see this stamp that I bought for the back - "handcrafted because you are PRICELESS" - isnt that cute? Also I broke down and bought a Martha Stewart scorer. *flails* I can NOT WAIT until she gets her xmas stuff out.

So I am so excited about introduced to me by an amazingly TALENTED Layout/scrapper and pug lover..Martha at
Here is the next challenge... I have to start thinking and scrappin!!

BODY PARTSwe all have them. we all know which ones we don't like. that is a given! but! what DO you like? which body parts make you secretly smile because you think that they are just right? the little freckle beside your nose? perhaps the elegance of your wrist or even that perfect toe! show us your layouts! and your body parts only!! no one else's! :)

hmmmmmm GOT IT! Okay must run and do it....
Anyways... let me show ya some pictures

My pentex is REALLY taking FOREVER to do anything... and I just called up the company and we switched over the speed.

ANYONE and everyone - I am looking for a camera with amazingly AWESOME quickness to capture the puggy that is called Aine. because most of the time... I get THIS:

And with that being said.... I am off to figure out my amazing body part. lmao. HUGS all - Nan


Martha Bonneau said...

Holy heck you got a lot of goodies...lucky!! Love the puggy pics, I will see you tomorrow night as we get crafty :)

Martha Bonneau said...

ooops, I meant Wed. night..tee-hee!!

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