Saturday, October 4, 2008

vintage fun and stichin

I have been doing a lot of Stichin lately... GHOSTIES EVERYWHERE.... and this glow in the dark thread is fabo. I am making these for my friends who have kiddies.... Can you believe there was a kiddie with NOTHING for halloween? As in a costume? *SCANDAL* So I am going to put one of these ghosties on a tshirt and have it say... ELLA (her name) BOOOOOOOO...LOL
My mom and I decided to go to Kane County Flea market today. I came home with some vintage fun paper goodness.... Pugs, St. Nick's, Sears Catolog with amazing items to be used for scrappin, fairy tails involving candy, Bunnies and House CakeForm ... what else could a girly ask for? LOVE EM ALL. And dang did I get a deal! Who is that girl and that Dog?Nope, not mummy, but that doggy looks so like me.
What? Nothing for MOI? Asked Ms. Aine..

Close up of the English and German items.

So many FUN FUN items in the Sears Catalog!
Mom and I capped it all off at UBER GOOD GERMAN PLACE and are planning to go to Sandwich as soon as we can.
Next up for me and Ms. Aine? Currently Ms. Aine is hanging and I have LOADS of crafting to do. LOADS. I have to finish making Aine's costume, creating my halloween cards, make new bday cards, I am dying to do more stichin - I am really falling in love with it! It is so relaxing! I also FINALLY have an idea for who will get my Mr. Campy goodness! I am so excited about this! I can't wait until I am done with the finished product!
Hugs ALL Nan


Cricket said...

wow, looks like you found some awesome things at the flea market!!!

I love stitching too, it really is my first love...spent many hours doing needlework, wanted my own shop...blah, blah, blah!

I seriously need to get my unfinished quilt out and get that puppy completed...maybe I'll head to Hannah's tomorrow and have someone walk me through the final stages!!

Have a great day!!


Carol said...

Hi Nan!!

It's Carol from Singapore -- we met at the AE class in Windy City in June... just saw the list for your Craft Critique DT, and OMG! One of the scrappers there, Aida Haron, is from Singapore!! She's highly respected and very, very talented. Great choice!! :)

Just thought I'd drop by and say Hi.

Cheerio, Carol

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