Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy busy as a pinkey BEE

I know it has been a while... it has just been SO crazy busy with work, teaching a CPM review class, taking a fun design class from Ms. Kim B. and playing with a new little PINK friend which we will get to in a second.

But first... I want to give a HUGE BIG CONGRATS to Ms. Martha B and PIXIE PIE! GET THY ALL TO MICHEALS PEEPS! Tell 'em Pixie sent ya! Martha has worked so hard on this and I am very proud of her! GO MS. MARTHA! YEA!

I mean... Aine is just rolling over with JOY about this fact! Her BFF is published! :)

So this slightly askew picture is from my new pink Iphone friend. Yes, I have pinky gel case and I am proud! Hence she has been christened Pinkey. I seriously couldn't find my previous phone AT.ALL. in my purse or my laptype case so I was like SCREW IT, we are getting something BRIGHT PINK. I am not partial to pink perse, but I had a choice between, white, black and pink - so I took PINK! :) I just say it is for breast cancer research when odd looks are given during work meetings. :) But than again... it could be the "bark" ringtone.

Like all new shiny things, it took a bit to get used to, but once you get over that hump you will LOVE IT. *sigh* My favorite apps so far are the geek worthy LightSaber - where you can pick the color, the starwars song and the star wars character for your lightsaber. SO.FUN. The next one is Zippo. Yes. you have your very own Zippo lighter remake on your iphone. I just wish I had a concert to go to now.

So it is a offical. I am a Procurement GEEK. So much so work has asked me to write two procurement company blogs and manage certain training websites for the CPM/CPSM. *squee* Yes. I squee over Procurement Geekdom. Scarry that I love what I do so much - you know? I mean...I have to... my last name is Beyer as in BUYER. Kinda kismet...don'tchya think?

So here is my challenge to you all... what IT Procurement stuff would you like to know about? For all those that ask a question, I will send ya a little RAK. :)

This is going to be a CRAZY busy weekend. I have MUCH crafting to do(...about 10 bday cards, finish my halloween cards and mail them, sewing... the list.goes on. In fact-I really need to start a list pronto, where is Pinky?!), going to see The Duchess tomorrow with some friends from work, Saturday it is Holiday Hoopla at Craft Fancy and than Sunday I will be celebrating my Aunt's 85th bday with the cousins! I can't WAIT. I am so taking pictures. I smell Mini-BOOK!

Hugs ALL and please send me your questions! :) Nan


Mandy said...

Lovin' Kimberly's class too! This Dutchie has a question :)
What is IT Procurement?? :)

Cricket said...

man, that Mandy took my question!! LOL

Hope you have a great weekend, enjoy your new Pinkey!!


Jodi said...

What is it you're "procuring?" And how does it relate to me, if at all?


Gina said...

LOL, I'm with Mandy!!! I had to google IT Procurement...and I STILL don't really know what it is!!!!

Nevis said...

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