Monday, October 6, 2008

Beauty School Dropout......

Aine a.ka. Frenchie from Grease is in the house! I am so glad this is done - whew! You know how hard it is to find good Frenchie pics on the net? HARD, let me tell ya.
Does anyone have a favorite? I now have to print out pictures so I can send out my Pug Village Halloween cards. weeeee!
It is Frenchie!Details...close up with Sublime Stiching letters.
People have been asking me about Aine's eyes... this is what they look like. :( We are thinking of going to a new vet because my old vet is under new management and I really didn't really care for the new vets..... We may be going to her brother's vet. Poor baby. Thank God it isn't bothering her but I did see her bump into a door - granted it was dark so I would bump into a door too! lol
Weee! Fun action shot!

A good Beauty School Dropout needs her nappies. It is hard singing and dying hair!

On a side note - I was baking up a storm today after work. Fall means so many things to me but the food I adore and ALWAYS make during this timeframe is pumpkin bread. This is basically the only dessert that I make that doesn't have any chocolate in it! LOL. Also I have made it into muffins as well - but today I also had to make Choc. Chip Cookies as well so no time for precise measurements except for cookies. :)
Anyways - getting back to the uber good pumpkin bread - this is the only bread I ever make. It is so nummy and the house smells so good after it has cooked. I decided to try a new flour - King Arthurs Flour. It has been rated number one so I have been dying to try it. It is a bit hard to find - I found mine at Trader Joe's. Tomorrow the goodies go to work with me so we will see what the jury says! :)
One of the best elements of this bread? The soft buttery top. *num* Unfortunately I have to wait tomorrow because it takes a day to taste really good. Also it freezes well too!
Have a great night! Me and the Pink Lady


Cricket said...

LOVE the "Frenchie" costume, Aine is adorable as a Pink Lady!!!

Yumm on the to share the pumpkin bread recipe? My mom was just asking me for one the other night, I don't have one (boo hoo)....


Nevis said...

Fabulous costome! And I looooove pumpkin bread! AND pumpkin scones!

Are you on facebook? Send me a friend request!

Chimene said...

She is really adorable!!!!!!

Tracy Lathrop said...

Aine makes the cutest Frenchie ever!!!!! I just love her little delicate face!! It was such a blast getting to have you hang with us at Scrap Pink!! I had so much fun and totally enjoyed the shopping!!

Karen said...

I think Aine makes a great Frenchie...very cute.

Pumpkin bread sounds yummy.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

The Pink Lady outfit is outstanding. We must bark a duet together sometime -- perhaps I can talk mother into making me a T-Bird jacket.

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