Monday, October 13, 2008

what the heck... IT Procurement asks Nevis, Jodi, Gina, Cricket and Mandy?
Well. ...excellent question! And of course it is the hardest ones to explain *hugs ya all*

I wish I had a really quick easy answer for ya - but it is not that simple. LOL! IT Procurement or Sourcing ... it is a complex, multifaceted industry that is really facinating in my opinion. Heck, I have been in the industry for 10 years+!

IT stands for Information Technology. i.e. your computers, software, the services that take to install said services and said software. Basically when you think of IT, think of computers! lol

Procurement per Websters....

1. To attain possession of something, usually after exerting a substantial effort to do so. 2. The purchasing of something usually for a company, government or other organization.

So basically buying. So when Mr. Webster says "exerting a substanctial effort"... this basically means Negotiations in order to get the best deal to save your company money. How does one does that? By Strategic Sourcing. Strategic Sourcing is very fun. This is when one goes to the market to see what the heck is out there for a particular widget and/or service.

When you are in IT Procurement or Strategic Sourcing you may also do the following...

  • Contracting.... Basically when you open up your Microsoft package or buy a software online? You have to "click" through - do you except the following "Terms and Conditions". That is a contract. What Terms and Conditions basically do is protect the company so that people will not steal their software... of IP(Intellectual Property).
  • Supplier Management - IE Managing Suppliers.
  • etc...

I would go into more details but I think I might bore ya. :)

So what is my little RAK....

No sorry not a pinkey.....

but some RIBBON and material!

Thanks everyone for playing! :) I hope you enjoy your RAK. I have loads more Ribbon, so you will get more ribbon than the material..if that makes sense? Brain is fried. :) Just send me your addys ladies!!! Hugs all! Nan


Cricket said..., that is what ya do!! Sounds interesting!!

I think you've got my addy already, right? :)

Have a fabulous day!!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by and say HEY girl!

Long time no chat!

Nevis said...

OMG, did I win? I'm confused...! *laugh*

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