Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bad Blogger am I...

Sorry Folks ... I have been a really bad and back concerns have been making Nan a non-blogger. Will the showering of fun pictures give me forgiveness? YES?! YEA!
I have been....
... creating nummy brownies with real frosting because I am off of icecream. One bite of this chocolatey sugary goodness makes up for the icecream I am not eating. NUM!

Stiching some bibs for some of my favorite ghosties(Jack, Shellybean and a Sophie)... The below are patterns by Emily Martin of Black Apple fame...

And this pattern is from Elsie Flannigan's latest Ghost World Craft Kit. I love this KIT! Please forgive the blue ink it is still "disappearing". LOL.

Aine has been hanging out with her brothers...

received goodies from second mom and Amazon.

*finally * hung up this vintage hook that I received like 9 years ago!
And it is beginning to look an lot like xmas... I can't wait to play with these... but first I have to get my halloween cards out! :)
Next week is going to be crazy busy as WELL. I am going to training and some higher ups are comin in... oh... and my back needs to get BETTER... hence that means I am high tailing it to the chiro... *ugh* SUCKS getting old.
okay I am off to ice back. :) Hugs all! Nan


Cricket said...

no ice cream!!!!! LOL...those brownies look delish!

looks like you've been a busy girl with all those ghostie bibs!!

Good luck this week, hope your back feels better!!


Aimee said...

um... yum. also, super cute bibs!

milkcan said...

Those bibs are too too cute!

Nevis said...

Hiya there! Okay, send me an email and I'll give you my real life address.

Callista said...

Wow, look at those cute ghostie bibs. Too, too cute!!

Ohhhh brownies, yum yum yum

Take care of yourself.

Yvonne said...

I love the bibs and the stitching is super cute.

That's it...I'm learning to sew!! You've inspired me...thanks

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