Saturday, April 26, 2008

Three down and one more to GO!

This was a tough one, but I passed and that is all that matters!
Now onto the forth one.....

However, before I do that I have a certain RAK to finish for Ms ELLY!
which means....

*does happy dance* Yay! Finally The Drawing Room at Aineburgh Hall gets broken in!
I think me and Ms. Aine will celebrate with "bucks", but unfortunately java is bad for puppys so she is going to have to deal with some nice water!
*sigh* Life is GOOD. HUGS all and thanks for the karma! Nan


Cricket said...

YAY!!! Yahoo on passing the third test!! I'm still keeping fingers crossed that you can come on the 3rd and crop.....just let me know, I'm pretty sure there is still space left!

oh yeah, colored that little owlie in with my watercolor pencils and a waterbrush!


IamSusie said...

I admire your discipline. When I had to study for my grad classes, my house was never more clean and I finished tons of little projects doing study avoidance.

peg graham said...

You ROCK! Keep it up!!!!

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