Monday, April 28, 2008

Sewing in The Drawing Room at Aineburg Hall on Sunday

This is what The Drawing Room looks like when I am sewing..... yep I bought Amy Butler fabric for a super secret project that I hope will turn out okay. I say "I hope" because it was so sad - I had to read my sewing machine manual because I forgot how to rind my bobbin and thead my needle! *hangs head in shame* See kids?! Studying is bad for the creating! LOL. Sidenote - poor Aine - you can see her butt behind the right brown chair. She is beside herself. She would rather sleep in the brown chairs but Mean MUMMY will not allow her spoiled butt to sit on them because she likes to scratch them which is a BIG no no. See these are our first leather chairs so both of us don't know what it is like! lol.

Yes the frames have falled down and they need to be put up but there isn't any glass in the frames and I really like the prints. So I am thinking of going back to the rimless plastic frames but DANG are they more expensive than the glass ones. However... plastic is so much easier to clean up than glass. ugh.

Finally my home computer is set up! It has not been updated in ages so that took forever. Also the wireless 2wire USB ROCKS. It was SO dang EASY. The computer was in my bedroom in an uncomfortable chair and desk. So it needed to come out of hiding. I downloaded SO MANY 80's Hits (Mr. Roboto, Come on Eileen to name a few!) that it was sick. I forgot how much fun Itunes really is. They now even rent MOVIES so I could seriously watch movies on my computer! And here I was concerned about setting up my slingbox(which btw may not happen!)! I realized a big thing this weekend, I really can't watch TV when I am sewing - one needs to pay ATTENTION! So the music was perfect. I was bepopping away (quite literally) while I sewed out of the Amy Butler book, In Stiches.

Before I forget...
BEST PRESS is the best non-starcher starcher (if that makes sense) EVER. I just may buy a gallon of it! Also you can BARELY see it but I found a shappy chic type of hook thingy that my sister bought me ages ago (it is on the fireplace). It is a light blue so I need to paint it white. It will be perfect for aprons, pet leashes and sweaters/coats.

Okay Matt Lauer is in Buenas Aires. I WANT TO GO!

Okay got to go back to it! Hugs ALL! Nan


Nevis said...

Can't wait to see what you sew with that lovely fabric!

Martha Bonneau said...

80's music is my scrapping music of choice lately! So glad to see you are finally getting to play in your fab new craft-space!!

Cricket said...

oooh, can't wait to see what you have been up to!! Isn't iTunes da bomb...I have mine playing all the time!


peg graham said...

I love Amy B fabric....drool, drool

So happy for some creative time for you!! Kiss Aine for Yoda.

1 1/2 months and we meet IRL!!!


kim brimhall said...

Oh sewing makes me happy. Oh so happy:) think of me singing it:) no wait don't...but im so happy for you!

see you soon!

Felicia said...

Looks like a groovy creative space. And what a cute doggy :)

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