Sunday, April 20, 2008

sickness 1, nan 0

oh man. I lost my VOICE. I usually lose my voice every two years - but this time? OUCHIE-WAAAWAAAA! It hurts ya'all!

You know how hard it is to keep your mouth shut? VERY hard.

I am going to run to a Walgreens Care Center if I cant get on my doctors schedule tomorrow.


but on a happier note... The Drawing Room at Aineburgh Hall is all tidy and pretty! YEA!

HUGS Nan and zzzing Aine


Cricket said...

sorry you are sick Nan! Sending you some big get well


Perfumes said...

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Nevis said...

Hope you feel better!

Amber said...

Hi Nan!! Sorry it took me so long to get over here. I got all your comments on my blog this weekend but I was so tired from Scrap Etc I didn't get a chance to reply until now. Love your blog, your header is too cool, and Aine is just beautiful! Adding you to my bloglines now :)

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