Thursday, April 17, 2008

Goodies come in all shapes and sizes!

Omg Look at what I got today from Aine's valentine Yoda!!! Aine Loves it.... She is trying it out to make sure she can shake shake shakeeee her boootie'!

She looks SO PRETTY! She also got a toy, blanket and pearls TOO! Thank you PEG and YODA!! You guys are so generous! *hugs*

Now because blogger is not cooperating.... I washed my fabric.... and I bought the following stich kit. The fabric needs to be folded and/or ironed or USED*notes to self*and put into my cedar chest... I also need to open up my kit!
OH and look at all these goodies from SISTV! I even got a Free gift!! *squeeee*
Now ... should I buy this? ohhhhhh thinking of a crafty apron... help me deside!
So this weekend.... STUDY, get food for the family while they paint my mom's house, go to a communion party, study study STUDY. See a theme?
One more week to the test. ACK.
Okay folks - must get going ... THANK YOU YODA, Peg and SISTV! *does happy dance


Cricket said...

look how cute Aine is!! Happy mail is awesome isn't it? Hey, how's that skirt coming along? LOL, got my fabric washed, that's it!

are ya cropping with me on the 3rd...please say yes!!


Nevis said...

Aine looks adorable in her new dress and pearls. Very ladylike. :)

And I love that fabric!

Amanda Jackson said...

I love Aine's clothes! She has a better wardrobe than I do I think!

I am so in love with pugs-- we just rescued one, Cecilia. They are the best dogs in the world!

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