Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aine's new threads and new blue friend

So after feeling guilty about studying way to much(today and yesterday but I still have LOADS to study!) I thought Aine needed some clothes at Target... because I wanted to learn how they smocked it for her future wardrob...! :) See there is a a method to my madness! :) But seriously ... she LOOKS SO CUTE!

Also I *crafted* something in The Drawing Room at Aineburgh Hall!!! *does happy dance* FINALLY! I know this is lame... but I was able to use my scrappy goodness to wrap a dvd for my neices b-day. Who whould have thunk it!?! She is a music major so this was just perfect. I also filled in my bookcase a bit on my project table. WOOT!

So far people have been lovin their Tours at Aineburgh Hall... and look at the little gifty I got...

Aine is very curious.. what is it... could the pin mean something?

Is it for me? is it for mummy?


This is from GirlSavlage on Esty. Isn't it cute? it can be used as a pinch cushion!

Okay all... the puggy is making me tuckered and she is zzing heavily... which means i am fastly on my way to that land of nod.... HUGS! Nan and Aine..


Cricket said...

aw, look how totally cute Aine is in her new threads!! Yay on working in Aineburgh Hall too, bet it felt great!! Hope you got lots of studying done so you can scrap with me at Hannahs!!


Nevis said...

Aine DOES look adorable in her new hoodie-dress thing. So girlie and cute! :)

peg graham said...

Aine is a sweetie pie...wait until you see what Yoda sends her (in the mail in the morning...promise).

Peg and Yoda

tonya said...

awww, she looks so cute in her new threads.

Allie said...

Aine is a little diva!!!! I am LOVING your drawing room - too totally cool!

it's looking like the 3rd week in June for my return to Chi. yippeee!! Hope we can get together again!

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