Friday, April 25, 2008

So SHE goes to Starbucks...

and getsTHIS?!

I am NOT amused, she could have at least gotten me SOMETHING. What? 'bucks doesn't make anything for doggies?
LOL - Sorry Princess BUTT! They don't make anything for wee doggies and no, you can't have any of my cookie. :)

This is such a fun little set. It is perfect for the moments when you are like "OMG CRAP I need to jot down that idea RIGHT NOW! And I need COLOR!" However, you need to carry this around with you if one does DO that. Gosh, now I am so craving for copic markers! :(

Anyways -I did creat a scrapping Journal a while ago- but have not gone back to it because I have found that my scrapping is something that just "happens". However, sewing, I need to sketch out details, approximate measurements and see if this is something that is indeed realistic for someone like me! I have already sketched out my apron thoughts for SISaniversary and let me tell ya - I am trademarking the ATG gun HOLDER MAN. mwahahahahah

BUT... there will be no sketching of the seamstress kind, nor even THINKING about papercrafting or Copic markers until I get my MODULE 3 test done and passed which will take place tomorrow at 2pm tomorrow!

I had a REALLY good study session this late morning (for 3 hours!) and it was very helpful. I am still hittin the books but please keep that good karma coming my way! For my sanity? I need to get Mod. 3 and 4 over and passed ASAP man. I am bursting at the seams because I have a BEAUTIFUL Drawing Room at Aineburgh Hall and it NEEDS to be played in!

Hugs all and thanks in advance for all the good karma and wishes! Aine and Nan


Amber said...

Hi Nan! That little writing set is super cool! What are you studying for?

Cricket said...

good luck on the test Nan! LOL on the journal..I bought that same one when I went to Cambodia in was my travel journal and really helped me when it came time to make the album!!


RachelDenbow said...

I haven't received mail from you.



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