Wednesday, April 23, 2008

books, test, pugs, toys and more books!

When one is sick, one buys books. Luckily I am all better but I still can not enjoy them due a PENDING TEST THIS SATURDAY! (everyone keeping their digits crossed?! thankies!)
But I had to take a moment out to show them to you!
For those of you who have not figured it out by now, I am a royal family buff. I know -scary little part of me - but GOD did I do rock at Triba Pursuit and AP History. Also? Amazing, history stuff like this? really comes up in conversations! Anyways... I digress.
Ever since I got Aine, the princess puggy, I have always been on the hunt to find out who owned pugs. Queen Victoria had many pugs and we have her to thank for stopping the cropping of pugs ears. See? In Germany they thought cropping the ears made the wrinkles look 'deeper". Queen Victoria didn't like that, so she kept the ears! Isn't that awesome!?! So I had to find pictures of her pugs!

"Noble Hounds and Dear Companions", a book about the British Royal Family's dogs from Queen Victoria to present showcase the Royal Family dogs. Queen Victoria had literally 7o dogs over her lifetime.

These dogs would be given to her as gifts. The most notable one was Looty, the first Pekinese dog in Britian. If anyone knows about Pek's, they were dogs only found with the Emporors of China. The British literally took 5 dogs that were guarding the dead Chinese Empress and brought them to Queen Victoria during the Opium War. Looty was so rare, they painted her picture.
And went for rides in carriages. That is Queen Alexandra. She liked lapdogs.

One of the facinating things I learned when reading this is that most of these dogs don't live pass 4! It must be because of the lack of vacines etc.
On the cover cover of Noble Hounds and Dear Companions is a PUG! King George V dressed her up, I wouldn't have known unless they said so. . Here is a trained poddle doing a trick.
Very hard to see but these are pictures of Queen Victoria's pug puppies! Isn't that the CUTEST!? They are so weee.
Pug puppies!
A Pug with a baby prince.
Aine checking out her forebearers.
"Mummy," Aine says. "I am not amused. Now sew my favorite baby toys! "
- NAUGHTY AINE! Look what she did to her baby toys! Poor snowman has all his stuffin out of his head! And the puble icky thing is almost gone of stuffin! And she destroyed the tea cup from Martha! AINEEEE Naught NAUGHTY.
Sorry Little one - not until after the test this Saturday! Which btw Ms. Aine are you keeping those paws crossed? Good girl!
Btw everyone -Aine was SUCH a good nurse puggy to ME when I was sick! She stuck by my side the whole time and would lick my forehead when she knew something was just *not right* Dang, I had some nasty headaches . Aww *lubs her* Okay, enough of the pug gushing even though she is so stinking CUTE!
Besides doggies. I bought Jenny Hart's Sublime Stiching Craft Pad! CANT. WAIT. TO. PLAY. WITH. THIS. *flails* I just don't where to begine there are so many COOL drawings in there!
"Simple Sewing with a French Twist" and this Barat is being made ASAP. I just hope I look okay in it.
And this book HAD to be bought. I will let you know how the CD works.
OH way to much crafting and doggies you say?

Well - I bought two more books on Royalty - one gossip one that was a steal for 5 bucks so I though - eh? why not! Another is a bio on Georgiana The Dutchess of Derbyshire. She was a Spencer and Kiera Knightly will be in the movie version of the book. Oh and see those slip ons in the corner? Those are the new croc's! They are so mineeee. They have SISaniversary all over it. weeee
So please keep those fingers crossed for me for this Saturday's test! IT IS TOUGH. THANKS ALL! Nan and Aine.


Nevis said...

Such facsinating pictures of early pugs in England. Cool! thank-you for the though-provoking and interesting post!

Cricket said...

good luck on your test Nan! Glad Aine stayed by your side and helped you feel better!

Can't wait to see your beret!!


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