Thursday, May 22, 2008

studying to infinity and BEYOND by Ms. Aine

Oh nooooos. Mummy is going to be studying ALL weekend. She needs to because her last and final test is next week. She is kinda *stressed* because she has REALLY BAD CPM-itis(akin to senioritius) and SISinversary on the brain. That means ANYTHING and EVERYTHING distracts her and that is not good if she is going to pass and get her certification!
I wonder what I will do while she studies.... I could be a good puggy and sleep, keep her warm, and play with my toys so that mummy can have ample studying time. And plenty of starbucks. We can't forget the starbucks - for Mummy not me.! What do you think Mummy? Oh man! She be studying.... I am just going to play with my toy and maybe zzzzzzzzzzzz..
XO XO Aine

PS - Happy 4oth B-day Daddy Joey.


Amber said...

Great pics Nan!! Hope the studying goes well!

Cricket said...

aw, Aine is too cute, love the pics and that last one...priceless!!!

good luck studying and yay for the final test! Now, maybe we can scrap again!! :)


Suzy West said...

Great pictures Nan!!!
Good luck on your test! I'm sure you are going to ROCK IT!

Nevis said...

Wonderful pics of Aine! Good luck studying!

peg graham said...

Aine...Yoda send his pugy smooches!

Nan...good luck on your test. I know you'll ace it!

Counting down the days until SISiversary!!! wahoo!

peg graham said...

Oh...and TAG! See my blog!

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