Monday, May 26, 2008

Shoppin's hard YA'ALL!

Oh my goodness gracious. I have not been shoppin in a bit and let me tell ya - not only am I just play out of shape... I am out of shape for SHOPPIN! How sad is THAT!? I mean - I went to bed EARLY.

I got SO many wonderful things on sale and I owe a HUGE thank you to Sarah and Martha! They are the best stylists a girl could ever have! And believe you me - I need help in that department ... BADLY.

You see? I have that entrenched thought of - "oh! one pair of jeans will *do*" curtesy of my catholic school upbringing where you wore uniforms all the time. Not bashing my upbringing at all! But you get used to a uniform! You really do. Not kidding. So this leads you to basically having uniforms in every part of your life. lol. I have my work clothes done pat *I think* but casual clothing? Nope. Seriously. I still have that "one pair of jeans will do" manta in my head! How sad is that? Even my 17 year old neice told me that I needed to break that habit and do it right quick. lol

So getting the help of these amazing and talented ladies were SO NEEDED. My casual clothing was just plain pathetic!!!! *gives BIG Hugs to Sarah and Martha!* You guys rock for helping a non-functioning clothing person like me! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am going to so be ALL that and than some at the SISinversary!!! *squee*

But I can't blame it all on my upbringing. Simple truth? I am not the size 6 I once was when I first got married and that is just so hard to swollow - especially when you go shopping. But these ladies gave me the options and the support and I will never forget it! *hugs ya all!*

I still have a bit more shopping to do (tissue weight tees etc) so I wont post any pictures until they are all *together*. Also - I really can't post pictures because today is major crunch time for studying. I am right now waiting for my computer to "defrag" so that I can install a new workstation image and than get crackin on some on-line studying.

Also I didn't just get clothes... I found some BEAUTIFUL lanterns on sale at Urban Outfitters - a place I have NEVER been to before! Also we went into Hello Kitty and I got one of the "surprise" packages for 30 bucks. VERY cool stuff in there indeed. But basically? I got it for the hello kitty personal fan so that I won't be boiling in TN! lol. I so wish I could have purchased something at
Anthropologie but nopes because I dont think they make anything past a "large". Seriously if they did - I would be all over that store and than some!

Finally - I have to tell you ALL about this amazingly wonderful scrap store opening up VERY soon in Arlington Heights, IL. Craft FANCY! Once of my SISters from SISTV and reporter from Craft Critique, Simone, is co-owner of this scrappy store of goodness and I really want it to be a success because a) the place is THE AWESOME. Every 7Gypsies, Sassafrass Lass, Maya Road, Pink Paisley, etc etc STUFF you WANT is THERE. b) it is like 2 miles from my house! c) because this is truely a scrapbookers store and I want Simone to be ridiculously successful!!! So go out there and support her and this shoppe YA'ALL!! I will post more pictures when the store officially opens. *dreams of that day*

Okay ya all - got to study! HUGS! Nan and Aine


Melissa Norris said...

I'm SO jealous! I want to go shopping with you and Sarah and Martha! Maybe we can arrange that while I'm in Chicago!

Cricket said...

sounds like a fabulous shopping day!! Can't wait to see your new threads girl!!

I can't wait for the store to open!!


SpAzzGiRL said...

I need a personal shopper badly, I can only match paper (not clothes).
We passed the inspection today so the store is definitely opening June 9th!! yahoo!

Eden said...

What a nice thought !! And about my jeans.... prefer them to buy from Freemans.

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