Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Puggy STUFF

As promised - here are the PUGGY Videos of MR. Mugsy BOO and Ms. Pixie PIe and Ms. Aine.


Following Martha!


Aine saying HI

5 sec video of Aine being a froggy leg

And here are the rest of the Flicr picts!

Also - stay tuned to for tomorrow for my review of Amy Butler's book, Instiches and the Cat Tunnel I made! WOOT!

Hugs all - It is time to hit the study books! YEA. Nan and Aine


Allie said...

gaaaah! those vids are too cute! finally getting to see Mr. Boo talking, and little Aine scampering around with Pixie. My day is complete!

Nevis said...

Wonderful videos! :)

Cricket said...

oh good golly!! LOVE the puggies!! I'm totally inspired to do some video of the Oz man!!


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