Tuesday, May 27, 2008

radio silent - for reals!

Okay folks! Please send that good karma, prayers and puggy vibes my way! I really need to go radio silent on all things net/email etc until this test is done at 11 am on Friday.

I have been doing really bad on my practice tests and quizzes which is really frustrating because I studied so much this weekend! ACK.

HUGS all and THanks! Nan and zzzzz Aine.


peg graham said...

Good Karma sent your way!

(Talk with you after Friday then, k?)

Puggy Hugs-
Peg,Yoda and Yuka

Melissa Norris said...

Good luck on your test Nan!

Cricket said...

Good luck Nan!!!


Nevis said...

I will say special prayers for you. (hug)

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