Sunday, May 18, 2008

Aine's new buddy

Wow, two posts in ONE day. This is sad. It is 4:30 pm and I still have not cracked a book today.

One of my BFF's Annie (Aine's namesake!) called and said she was in the 'hood so would I like to go out for lunch? I am like HECK YA! It was girls day out for her... she had her 2 and 8 year old with her and we all needed food. I have not been to California Pizza Kitchen in a bit - but dang is that food good! Also, we were all starving.

In order to burn off a 2 year old energy we went for a stroll around town. We went into a new dog store called Bentley's Barkery. They had Puppia harness for ridiculously cheap. However, they only had it in pink and black. She got a matching lead as well - also cheap!

OH and she got a new ugly monster toy too. Her biggest one ever. Jury is still out if she likes it or not. Aine? What you think?
xoxox Aine and Nan who is FINALLY going to study!


peg graham said...

Sounds like a fun day. (I also got Yoda a new with

sending hugs-
Peg and Yoda

Cricket said...

Yay for girls day out!! I love the Ugly monster!!


Nevis said...

Aine looks adorable! And I need to get my puggies some Puppia harnesses...

Martha Bonneau said...

Ooooh, I love the purple monster...hopefully it is not a flying purple puggy!

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