Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Pug Nurse and the Anime Pug

Thank you all for your very kind words of encouragement - it seems that things have sorted themselves out nicely. now I am busier than ever - but that is okay! I just realized that a month from now is SISinversary and DANG do I need to STUDY! So my focus is back on track.

However. Aine The Pug Nurse -will not leave my side. She HAS to touch my knee - no matter how much I yell at her....

This is Aine upon climbing up the princess and the pea sized pillow lift for my knee.

SHE has to ALWAYS TOUCH MY DANG KNEE! ARGHHH. Doesn't she know it hurts me when she does that? No yelling at her will help.

But than I saw this in my book "Let's Draw! Illustrating with Copic" - An ANIME PUG! Isn't he/she/it the CUTEist?! . Again - I know I will NEVER be an artist of any sort - but it is a cool book because it teaches you how to use the markers. You can refill these and mix your own colors! Very cool indeed. However - I won't be going that wild and crazy with those - but I think it is uber cool that something like this exists!

LOL LOVE IT - okay with that - I have LOADS to do! Hugs all! Will not be posting as much as I would like until the weekend because of said loads of stuff to do! ACK! I need about 40 more hours in one day! HUGS! nan and Aine


Amber said...

So sorry about the knee! Hope it feels better soon. What a cool anime pug!! Love that!!

And I *LOVE* that you are reading my blog in those pics! Totally made me smile :)

Cricket said...

Leave it to you to find an anime pug! how cute is that?!

Feel better!!


Nevis said...

Love the pictures! And the anime pug is the coolest!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nancy
Aine is a very good paws on nurse. she wants to heal her mom!
give her a hug for me!
:) melissa

peg graham said...

Nan- hope you feel better soon. That is so adorable that Aine is your Nurse...hehehe!

Peg and Yoda

Reina said...

Interesting to know.

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