Thursday, January 8, 2009

wooly be mine?

Oh yes we will. Aren't they gorgeous? These pretties and a fluffy wool stuffing was waiting for me when I came home from a crazy busy day. Me was a happy girly. :)

Aine had to check it out too...

Even tried her mouth at wet felting. Which...funnily enough she did GOOD.

however, we failed at wool knitting. pity. NOT.

We are off to finish up some work and CRAFT! Nan and Aine..


Sheena said...

Nan lovely, I think you meant in that last post? I went to your one and it's a little porny!

Look at the cute artist you've raised. I want a custom piece designed by Aine!

Cricket said...

LOL, knitting now huh? What don't you do? :)

Enjoy all the yummy new wools!!


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