Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are a bit stressed .. as told by Aine.

"What is wrong Mummy? I know you put me in a new hat - but still you are stress eating and looking at stuff you shouldn't buy!" Said Aine. "We are bovvered and stop watching Celtic Thunder!".

"Oh Aine", Mummy said. "We are going to Crystal Lake tomorrow to get you a wee nose job and maybe a soft palette surgery (hopefully not!*prays*). So I am just being a nervous Nelly because well ... I just am. "." Well that sounds like it hurts Mummy!"said not so happy Aine.

"No worries!!" said Mummy. "I will not be far away and I will make sure you are comfy and warm and guess what? YOU GOT A NEW TOY! Mummy will be hanging out with you to make sure all is well and you are in the BESTEST hands ever with Dr. Nadine G. ......!"
"WAIT! I get a NEW TOY!?!! *pug rooorooooo and dances around* Oh that makes me happy." said Aine. "but Mummy - can you take off the new hat?"

"but you look so CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Said Mummy.

"Ya. I know. But you need to start on my jammies.* lick lick lick* COME ON WOMAN.! Says Aine...
PS - So to translate, Aine is getting a nares (nostrel widening) surgery which is minor and a eeth cleaning. They can only see the soft palette during that time - so they will than see if they have to trim it back. Hopefully we wont have to do the latter because it is a much more serious surgery and it means even more "keeping Aine quiet". So please keep your fingers crossed, say those prayers and make sure that I dont loose it! HUGS! Nan


chelemom said...

Hope everything goes well......: )

Cricket said...

you will be just fine and so will your girl! Sending lots of good thoughts your way today!!


Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Been thinking about you and your furry baby this week. Hope everything went smoothly!

Nevis said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

Sandra y Coco said...

good luck! we are thinking of you both!

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