Sunday, November 2, 2008

Randomness: Shopping, Halloween and Hiatus

Fabric goodness ***********************


had a huge SALE. Seriously - they are getting rid of their fabric department and everything - including the gorgeous wool - is 25% OFF.
Aine is helping me with studying. *sigh* I am trying to cram for my next certification, CPSM, I am taking the Bridge exame which is 180 questions and 3 hours long. That is about a minute a question. *joy* I have less than 2 weeks to do it! I have been studying all weekend with module 1 and I am not done with that and I have 2 more to go! I thought it was going to go much faster! GERR. See if i get this done before BFF comes over....crafty goodness vacation, here I COME!! However, as you can see my Japanese supercute embrioidery books are calling my name. *moan*.

Another pic of my super cute Japanese books and Japanese Word Cards. I LOVE those cards for studying. It is like flashcards for grownups. :)
Halloween! Here is a picture of my costume. It really didn't work out. People thought I was a munchkin instead of an uber cool goth Alice in Wonderland. *sigh*

The dogs getting skunk-a-fied. That is Lily and Tank.

Aine loved being the center of Halloween attention.


So ya - I am trying to cram for a test - which is crazy huge! So I am going to be more studious hence that means all crafty goodness (including my Japanese stich books) will have to wait ! *sniff* The good news. Once this test is done... I AM DONE with Procurement Certifications! YEA!!
Hugs all See ou in a few weeks!! Nan


Cricket said...

Wow, that's some stash of fabric! I can't believe Hannah's is getting rid of their fabric department, that doesn't make sense to me!!

Glad you had a good Halloween!


Nevis said...

I know you're going to do fabulous at this last test. You're awesome and you're going to rock it out.

Vanessa (danzer53) said...

good luck studying! loving that coffee fabric!

lauren said...

love your doggies costume!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your test and oh my all that fabric is soo yummy! Great costumes. I posted pics of our Halloween costumes today as well.

Sandra y Coco said...

You get so much nice stuff!!! good luck with your test!

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