Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well ...

I am quite excited... the shoppe is shaping up and that means I have a new blog!

I am going to try the world of typepad and see how it goes so this blog won't be closing anytime soon.

Hugs all and I hope to see you at my new shoppe and blog! HUGS Nan and Aine


Cricket said...

yay on the shop and the new blog!!! looks great over there!

sorry to hear about your teeth...yikes and darn popcorn!!


Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Love the new blog Nan - just over checking it out!!

Cricket said...

Where you at girlfriend???? Everything okay?

wendi said...

hiya sweets!!!! I am loving your of these days i will have to give mine a facelift!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog for a visit. It was so wonderful to meet you at sislive and i am already saving my pennies for next year!!!

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